Creative fun with paper figures!

Video Tutorials

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When the hands are busy,
the heart is at peace.

Akira Yoshizawa
origami master





We love FOLDING!
We give shape to our ideas, folding and gluing coloured paper to make 3D figures.


Paper is our medium. We experiment with all the possibilities offered by this material, exploring textures, shapes and colours, fold by fold.


You won’t need them because we’ve done all the cutting for you. With our ready-cut pieces, all you have to do is fold, glue and enjoy the challenge!

We make paper figures inspired by nature and organic forms.
Everything comes prepared; all you have to do is enjoy putting them together.

We bring your ideas to life, with different kinds of materials and on whatever scale you like!

About us

Plego arose out of an urge we felt to get back to paper, to working with our hands, making creativity more tangible and personal. And this creative urge has taken shape in the form of our “Birds of Catalonia” collection!


We have brought together our know-how and experience in product design, model making, graphic design, communication and project management with the common goal of creating a unique product.


We use dyed-pulp art paper with 50% cotton content, which has excellent folding properties and is resistant to light. It comes in an extensive colour range and has a textured surface, offering superb finishes.


We care about the environment. That’s why the paper we use is manufactured without acids and using a production process geared towards minimising environmental impact.


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Video tutorials

In addition to the instructions that come with each kit, we’ve created some video tutorials that show how to assemble the figures we’ve designed, fold by fold. We don’t want you to have any doubts!